Here is a PDF version of my CV, updated occasionally.

For bio, here is a recent blurb:

Benjamin Stokes is a civic media scholar and designer at American University in the School of Communication and Game Lab. His designs for cities have introduced neighbors, retold local history, and rebuilt payphones. Previously, Benjamin co-founded Games for Change, the movement hub for advancing social change with games. Benjamin also worked at the MacArthur Foundation as a program officer in their portfolio on Digital Media and Learning. His PhD is from the University of Southern California, and his teaching included a stint at the UC Berkeley School of Information in their program on data science. Benjamin’s publications include research on participatory design, neighborhood storytelling, and urban mapping by bicycle.

Selected articles and preprints:

  • Stokes, B., Baumann, K., & Bar, F. (2018). Placemaking across Platforms: Playing to Circulate Stories in the Smart City. In Y. Chisik (Ed.), Proceedings of INTETAIN 2017, the 9th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies for Interactive Entertainment (Vol. 215, pp. 1–5). Funchal, Portugal: Springer. [see uncorrected proofs]
  • Stokes, B., Baumann, K., & Bar, F. (2016). Short paper/workshop: Hybrid games for stronger neighborhoods: connecting residents and urban objects to deepen the sense of place. In Proceedings of the 14th Participatory Design Conference (Vol. 2). Aarhus, Denmark: ACM Press.
  • Stokes, B., Watson, J., Fullerton, T., & Wiscombe, S. (2013). A Reality Game to Cross Disciplines: Fostering Networks and Collaboration. In Defragging Game Studies: Proceedings of DiGRA 2013 International Conference. Atlanta, GA.  [preprint]
  • Stokes, B. (2012). Restructuring Civic Engagement: Meaningful Choice and Game Design Thinking. In A. Delwiche & J. J. Henderson (Eds.), The Participatory Cultures Handbook. New York, NY: Routledge.  [preprint]
  • Stokes, B. (2010). Peter Packet Challenge: Featuring a Videogame, Corporate Partnership Trade-offs, and Pre-Teen Activists. In From Participatory Culture to Public Participation. Los Angeles, CA: USC Civic Engagement Research Group.  [case study report]
  • Dhebar, B. B., & Stokes, B. (2008). A nonprofit manager’s guide to online volunteering. Nonprofit Management and Leadership, 18(4), 497–506. [preprint]
  • Stokes, B., Seggerman, S., & Rejeski, D. (2006). For a better world: Digital games and the social change sector.  Whitepaper funded by the MacArthur Foundation.  [report]
  • Stokes, B. (2005). Videogames have changed: time to consider “Serious Games”? Development Education Journal, 11(3), 12. [preprint]