release of case study on Peter Packet Challenge

As part of my work with Henry Jenkins’ research group on civic engagement, I’ve written a short case study of the Peter Packet Challenge. This is a combined game and “online service learning” project that has real fundraising to fight poverty. I worked on it at NetAid, so it was great fun to revisit it as a scholar.

Here’s the case study:

It’s the first time I’ve published anything on embedded reflection, which I think has real potential in games media, given their experiential nature and potential around service learning.  (See upcoming post on a games genre we might call “direct action games.”)

Also on this site are excellent case studies on Invisible Children, PostSecret, Pricescope, Tribute is Not Theft, Anonymous/Project Chanology, Verb Noire, WoW Guilds, Harry Potter Alliance, Racebending, Rang de Basanti & Flash Activism.  Henry’s convening some great perspectives!

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