Video of our game launch: Sankofa Says @IndieCade

Check out the new video of our urban game Sankofa Says. The game launched in October 2014 as an official selection of IndieCade, the leading independent games festival.

How it works: Sankofa Says is a real-world game that brings people together on city streets. To succeed, players join flash rallies at local landmarks, make phone calls to answer riddles about local history, and tell truth from neighborhood fiction.banner-image1c

Every adventure requires learning about the city, and meeting new people. Even locals will encounter a few surprises. With a little luck, you will discover strange cinema history, play with public art, and even help tell a neighborhood story yourself.

A few pictures:

img_4382-charge1-300x165(In front of Culver Studios, a re-enactment of a civil war battle)

The Mayor of Culver City, Meghan Sahli-Wells, tries our payphone:
IMG_8543-mayor-246x300The game features our rebuilt payphone Sankofa Red, and was designed by our collaborative the Leimert Phone Company.

A historian from the local Historical Society (Julie Cerra) introduces a challenge:
In front of the Culver Hotel, a Wizard of Oz moment (there’s a documentary about the munchkin takeover of the hotel during the movie’s original filming):

While our 2014 launch focused on Culver City as part of IndieCade’s big games selection, our next step is to bring the game home to Leimert Park.

For more visit the game website, or read more about Sankofa Red from the Leimert Phone Company. 

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