Report: Impact with Games — a fragmented field?

cover-fragmented-field-report1-smI’ve co-authored a new report on Impact with Games: A Fragmented Field, along with Games for Change and the Michael Cohen Group.  From our abstract:

This is the first report in a series on game “impact types.” We begin with the problem. Our field needs a better way to talk about impact — a deeper conversation that is more fundamentally inclusive and multidisciplinary, yet still evidence-based. This report is a first step, revealing the basic fragmentation and documenting its harm.

Inside we reveal five types of fragmentation, each pointing to specific opportunities to improve the coherence of our field.  Specifically:

five types of fragmentation for games and impact

Read and download the full report on the project website:


Have comments?  This version is in “open draft” for the next month, so send us your feedback!  Also, if your organization would like to join as a discussion collaborator, let us know.  Some fantastic groups have signed up to jump-start conversations around fighting this fragmentation more systematically.

The report is funded by the Packard Foundation, and published by Games for Change and ETC Press.  My role was to chair the advisory, and co-author the report with the Michael Cohen Group and staff at Games for Change.

(Image credit for the five claims goes to Games and Learning — thanks!)

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