Panel at G4C: “Optimizing for Impact AND Creativity”

g4c-festival-12-thumbI’m thrilled to be hosting a session next week at the Games for Change Festival in NYC on reclaiming evaluation to empower artists and our audience. Fellow panelists include:

Official description:

Can we reclaim evaluation to better empower artists, our audience, and marginalized voices? What tricks of impact design can filmmakers borrow from games and vice versa? This session taps experts in ‘impact design’ who are trying new ways to maximize impact. A key focus is on shifting the hidden power relations inherent in assessment, to develop approaches that increase creativity (not stifle it). Seeking to democratize assessment and optimize it as a tool for quality rather than judgment, the panel will highlight several ambitious assessments and provide tips for teams and the field.

Join us Tuesday April 21st, 2015 at 11:15am!

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