ICA panel: Games, Civic Education, and Civic Engagement

Our session at ICA in London on June 19 at 2pm is on Games, Civic Education, and Civic Engagement in the Comm-tech division. (Room Hilton Metropole: York). Chair: Chad Raphael, Santa Clara U.


Digital games are being designed not simply to prepare youth for civic participation, but to immerse people of all ages directly in civic participation. This panel brings together game designers and scholars to advance our understanding of how to create, employ, theorize about, and research games for civic learning and engagement. Case studies exemplifying multiple research methods draw on and extend research in game studies, computer-mediated communication, and political communication.


  • A Model for Civic Game Design in “Global Conflicts:
    Afghanistan.” Jeppe Nielsen, Serious Games Interactive
    Civic Games and Civic Gaps: Which Students Benefit Most
    From Civic Game Play? Christine Bachen, Santa Clara U;
    Pedro Hernandez-Ramos, Santa Clara U; Chad Raphael,
    Santa Clara U

  • Teaching College Students to Build Networks: The “Reality”
    Game. Benjamin Stokes, U of Southern California; Jeff
    Watson, U of Southern California

  • Beyond Participation: How an Online Game Transformed
    Urban Planning in Detroit. Eric Gordon, Engagement Game
    Lab; Jessica Baldwin-Philippi, Emerson College

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