Launching game Sankofa Says @IndieCade

Dear friends of the Leimert Phone Company,

We’re thrilled to let you know that our new game, “Sankofa Says” is an official selection of IndieCade, the leading independent game festival, launching this week, Oct 10th and 11th in Culver City. We are in the big games category.

Sankofa Says is a place-based game that brings people together on the streets of Culver City. To succeed, players join flash rallies at local landmarks, make phone calls to answer riddles about local history, and tell truth from neighborhood fiction.

Every adventure requires hitting the streets, meeting new people. Even locals will encounter a few surprises. With a little luck, you will discover strange cinema history, play with public art, and even help tell the story of Culver City yourself.

We hope you’ll stop by our booth in the IndieCade Village at the corner of Main Street and Culver Blvd in the heart of downtown Culver City, after noon on Friday Oct 10th and all day Saturday Oct 11th. Come play with us! Invite your friends!

–Benjamin, François, Karl, Nicholas, Alex , and all the essential Leimert Phone Company’s artists, technologists, organizers and activists, without whom none of this would be possible (see full list!).

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