Talk at AU on Games to Empower Neighborhoods (live streamed)

AUSOClogoJoin my live-streamed talk on November 18th from DC! I will be speaking at the Media Innovation Lab at American University.  The talk begins at 11am ET as part of their faculty forum series in the McKinley Building (School of Communication).

Title: Games to Empower Neighborhoods: how a new kind of game is fighting segregation and promoting sustainable business

Abstract: A new class of civic games is affecting the real world. Real-world games can go beyond education and training by attempting to get something done, like raising funds or building trust across race and class divides. Different models are needed to understand the impact of such games, especially for local empowerment. Results will be discussed from a particularly bold experiment by the Knight Foundation, where a new game was created to structure economic activity, and fight socio-economic segregation. This talk offers a new way to understand how game-based activities can drive economic development alongside community empowerment, and how to evaluate some of the unusual risks of algorithmic policy.

Their flier:

See also the AU event page.

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